Ms. Morris of Moscow

Expert Level Room

Secrets... Lies... Espionage.... You think you know someone, but one life can have many twists...

We've assisted you in locating Ms. Morris' hideout. Now it's up to you to track down her secrets and prove your suspicions as you try to unveil the mystery of Ms. Morris. Can you justify her cause?

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Villa Del Anguis: Room 218

27% Completion Rate

Welcome to Room 218: Villa Del Anguis. This room was once a relaxing hotel room, but after a couple of occultists stayed here the room hasn't been the same... It has taken a life of its own and has transformed itself into a dark and mysterious place. Does your team have what it takes to unmask the forces of the room and get out alive?

*This room is played in the dark*

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The Asylum

36% Completion Rate

Millionaire, Andrew Riddle, was once the pride of his established family. On his 29th birthday, he suffered a terrible tragedy losing both his wife and child. Later his troubles began to worsen and the family noticed his decline. Highly unstable he locked himself away from family and the outside world in his mysterious asylum created by him, his psychiatrist, and family confidant Warden Redlid. This asylum became the millionaire’s paradise, slowly magnifying his insanity.  

...During evening checks of the facility Warden Redlid reports the disappearance of the young millionaire.

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