• How many people can play?

      Each room requires 2 players per game, with a maximum of 8-10 participants per room.

    • Will there be other people in the room at the same time as my group?

      There can be other people in your room unless you select a Private Room. 

    • Are the rooms fully lit? Will there be anyone inside as part of the game?

      Each room is different. We have some rooms that are fully lit and others that are played in the dark. 

    At this time, we do not have anyone or anything in any of our rooms to scare your group. 

    • What if we get stuck on a clue?

      You will have the OZ system ready to assist you. While the game is challenging, we do not want you to spend the whole hour on one piece. The details on how the OZ system assists you will be explained further during your briefing before the game.

    • Is there an age limit?

      We recommend our games for ages 12 and up, though no minimum age is required for supervised children. An adult must remain in either the lobby or the room if the participants are under the age of 16.

    • Do you provide food and/or drinks?‚Äč

        We do not provide food or drinks at Trapped, but we can recommend a few places to visit after your game!

    • How do I book?

      You can book online at TrappedOKC.com or by contacting our office at 405-270-1379.

    • Arrival

      Please arrive 15 minutes before your start time. The game will begin exactly at the scheduled time. Arriving late could interfere with your playtime.

    • How much does it cost?

      $20 per person in our public rooms. For Private Rooms, $200 for our large rooms and $160 for our smaller room. Games are paid for at the time of booking by credit card or upon arrival with a check.
    • How does my group book together?

      We suggest one person booking the required number of slots for all participants. However, each person can individually book their own slot. In this case, please ensure that everyone enrolls in the correct space.

    • What if I have a large party or corporate event?

      We are more than happy to accommodate you. Please contact us by e-mail at support@trappedokc.com or don't hesitate to call us at 405-270-1379 with special requests.  

    • Will I actually be trapped in the room?

      You will be in a room with the main door locked. However, every room’s main door has an exit button that you can use to leave the room without the code.

    • How long is the game?

      The allotted time for each game is 60 minutes, with approximately a 10-minute debriefing after the game. If your group finishes early, you will still have the opportunity for debriefing and pictures.

    • What if we don’t escape in time?

      Don’t worry, we will not leave you trapped forever. Your game master will let you out of the room and happily debrief you on the room.

    • Do you sell gift cards?

      We certainly do! Click HERE to look at our gift card options.